The Theology of Jessica Jones

This past week, Jason and I finished watching the third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It’s a dark show, and certainly not one I’d recommend for kids or anyone who might find the subject material (including sex scenes, violence, and alcoholism) triggering. However, as an abuse survivor and an author, I find the writing, philosophical and ethical conundrums, and the psychology of the characters to be fascinating.

New YouTube Channel Launch

Good morning! I need your help. I want to protect my siblings’ privacy as much as possible as my book launches next month. However, YouTube won’t let me completely erase my maiden name from my account. So, despite having almost 400 subscribers, I’m deleting my current account and creating a new one with a fresh extension and content. Once I …

Not Forsaken Book Giveaway

Not Forsaken Book Giveaway!

Exciting news! My publisher is giving away FIVE free copies of Not Forsaken 6 weeks before it releases on August 20. Not Forsaken Book Giveaway winners will be selected at random when the giveaway closes on July 10th. Head on over to to enter: Not Forsaken Book Description: Jenn Greenberg was abused by her church-going father. Yet she is …

Caring Well Report ERLC SBC Sexual Abuse Advisory Group

Reaction: Caring Well Abuse Report released by SBC Sexual Abuse Advisory Group, ERLC

I had the humbling honor a few months ago of being asked to contribute to the Caring Well Abuse Report, which was being developed by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), and the Sexual Abuse Advisory Group. That report was released this past Sunday! My contribution is on Page 19. Whether you’ve survived abuse …