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Author Jennifer Greenberg Signs with Literary Agent, Brad Byrd

I’m excited to announce that I’m now represented by literary agent, Brad Byrd, of Wadestone and 10ofThose. Brad has extensive experience in the publishing industry and will be representing both my fiction and non-fiction works to Christian and general market publishers. A few years ago, when I submitted by first book, Not Forsaken, to The Good Book Company, Brad was …

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TGC: 6 Sins that Enable Abuse

In my work with church leaders and abuse victims, I’ve noted patterns of sin that precede almost every crisis. Had someone repented sooner, nipped sin in the bud, or held colleagues accountable, most abusive situations could be handled responsibly in a God-honoring way, rather than escalated or exacerbated.

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13, Abused, and Suicidal

I suspect that if someone had started asking the right questions, looking for patterns, and connecting the dots, they might have realized something was wrong. It is my hope that by reading these journal entries, and my analysis of them, you can be better equipped and aware for the sake of the children around you.