Terms of Service

Welcome to my site! Here are a few guidelines to help you navigate the site and understand the purpose and stands of this platform.

My Mission & Goal
Whether I’m writing a new book, releasing a new album, or making PB&Js for my kids, my ultimate desire is to glorify God. As an abuse survivor, I have a specific perspective on Christ’s redemption, sovereignty, mercy, and love. It is my desire to use my experiences – the knowledge I’ve gained in the life God gave me – to point others to Jesus. He can indeed work through any situation, no matter how dark, to bring about good for those who love him (Romans 8:28, Genesis 50:20). I will no doubt fail in this many times, but hopefully my failures will just go to show that His love is based on grace, not my merit.

The Purpose of this Website
1. To showcase my work, including books, music, articles, and stories.
2. To help others understand the damage of abuse, and offer hope and direction in the recovery process. To encourage and empower abuse survivors as well as their pastors, counselors and loved ones.
3. To provide a social haven for survivors, advocates, pastors, counselors, friends, Christians, and all those who desire to glorify God.

Community Rules

We reserve the right to update these rules at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to ban, delete, or edit any posts, groups, profiles, accounts, or any other content on this site for any reason.

Who can become a Member?
1. You may not join this site if you have been convicted of any violent or sexual crime.
2. You may use an anonymous screenname. In fact, if you wish to discuss your personal experiences of abuse, it may be wise for your privacy and safety.
3. You are welcome to join this site whether or not you are a survivor of abuse.

Instant-Ban Offenses
Breaking the following rules will result in an immediate ban:
1. No porn or sexually provocative photos
2. No threats of violence or doxing
3. No harassment or trolling
4. No promotion of anything criminal
5. No spam, advertising, or self-promotion

Community Guidelines
1. Please label all potentially disturbing posts “Trigger Warning.” You are welcome to share your personal experiences, but please be mindful of others who may be struggling with PTSD and trauma.
2. When someone indicates that they no longer wish to continue a conversation, please stop replying to them immediately, with the possible exception of apologizing.
3. Do not post personal information, such as your phone number, address, or place of employment. If you share a photo, make sure your address or license plate number, school name, etc. are not visible.
4. If you are in danger, or the victim of a crime, call 911 or file a police report. Please do not name an abuser or accuse anyone of a crime on this site without first notifying your local police. We desire your safety and protection.
5. This is not a dating website. At all.
6. Please keep your language clean. We realize it’s sometimes hard when discussing emotionally charged topics, but if you wouldn’t say it in front of Mary Poppins, please avoid saying it here.
7. No politics, except when related to topics such as abuse and the church.
8. If you see something, say something. We’ll do our best to keep this community respectful, safe, and appropriate, but the sooner we’re alerted to problems, the faster we can deal with them.
9. Always be quick to apologize, slow to critique, patient to listen, and generous in kindness.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.

Jesus, Matthew 7:12 (NIV)