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6 Prayers for Marital Intimacy After Sexual Trauma

Since publishing Not Forsaken, I’ve received many emails from survivors of abuse, betrayal, assault, and divorce, asking for prayer and advice. One of the most common requests is for more in-depth help on how to overcome the sexual anxiety and shame that now tarnishes or inhibits marital intimacy. While I could probably write a whole book on this topic, I pray this article, published today on The Gospel Coalition, encourages you or someone you know:

How To Love a Guy in 10 Ways

While it happened long, long ago in Twitter years, once upon a time there was a Gillette advertisement that tried to characterize toxic masculinity and encourage PC manhood. While it generated a lot of incendiary cultural dialogue, from a marketing perspective, I think it’s safe to say the ad backfired. Many men were offended that it seemed to insinuate that …

Women: We were made for so much more than sex!

Pop Culture would have it that women are supposed to be sexual beings. And we are. But we were made for so much more! Our feminine graces, our maternal instincts, our soft curves, our ability to heal, sooth, and calm … these gentle powers may not be valued in the eyes of the mainstream as “sexy,” or “cool,” … Forget …