The Theology of Jessica Jones

This past week, Jason and I finished watching the third and final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones. It’s a dark show, and certainly not one I’d recommend for kids or anyone who might find the subject material (including sex scenes, violence, and alcoholism) triggering. However, as an abuse survivor and an author, I find the writing, philosophical and ethical conundrums, and the psychology of the characters to be fascinating.

The OA, Netflix

Theology Of The OA: The Anteroom Of Death

Recently Jason and I watched Netflix‘s esoteric series, The OA. Without giving away too may spoilers, the show centers around two basic ideas: The afterlife is simply another dimension. Life exists after death, but in a sense that is too complex and arsty-fartsy for us to grasp in this stage of our existence. Society is warped and perverted. Just because …