The Top 10 Most Prevalent Lies About Forgiveness

I consider myself an expert on forgiveness. Seriously, anyone over the age of 20 who isn’t festering in bitterness is probably an expert on forgiveness. But forgiveness is still hard. Especially when we’re confronted with issues such as domestic violence, adultery, lies, betrayal, or theft. It’s hard to forgive people, especially friends and family, for taking advantage of our trust in them.

The Mortifying-Anniversary-Prom-Night-Gone-Wrong-Zio’s-Bathroom Experience

OK. Here’s for Andrew, Rachel, Sheila, and Lacyn … because they asked (o: For my birthday dinner (and because Elowyn and I are under the weather), Jason brought home take out from Zio’s tonight. It was an absolutely delicious chicken alfredo dinner … and I got to reminiscing … For our wedding anniversary one year, Jason and I went to …