Not Forsaken

Not Forsaken Marriage Study Coming Soon

Not Forsaken: A Couple’s Journey, is designed specially for husbands and wives who want to recover from abuse as a team. Too often, the pain of child abuse, or past abusive relationships, inhibits our ability to build a healthy marriage. We want to feel safe, loved, and learn to trust our godly spouse. The goal of this marriage study is to approach these challenges as a team, so as we recover we grow closer together.

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Jenn’s Latest Interviews & Free Book Giveaway Today!

Today (June 3, 2020) at 3PM CT / 4PM ET, Jennifer will be featured live on Iron Sharpens Iron radio: Free Book Giveaway! Episode Description: Jennifer Michelle Greenberg is a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter (who has received a wonderful commendation from Brian Ray, Bassist & Guitarist for Paul McCartney), author, wife, mother, and half of a musical duo with her husband, Jason. She’s an advocate for victims …

Great (but Realistic) Expectations: What Does Happiness Look Like?

Lately in my conversations with readers, the topic of abuse recovery has come up. Some of us don’t expect to ever fully heal. Others are desperate to heal, and cling to the hope that we will someday feel happy and secure. While on the one hand we don’t want to stagnate in a state of perpetual pain and sorrow, it’s …