Jennifer has over a decade of experience serving as an advocate for victims of abuse and neglect, having worked with church leaders, law enforcement, and non-profits to prevent abuse and improve the handling of complex crises. She has also worked with police to investigate cases and helped many victims report crimes and get to safety. Having survived child abuse, and over 20 years of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to the table and experience few other consultants or specialists can offer.

Public Speaking

Jennifer is available for lectures and presentations at your church, seminary, organization, or special event. Topics of specialization include abuse prevention, recovery, and faith through hardship.


If you suspect or have learned of abuse in your organization, Jennifer is available for consultations. These are confidential and may be conducted one-on-one or as a group, in person or over streaming video.

Writing + Editing

Whether you’re updating your church safety policy or emailing your congregation to inform them of an abusive incident, Jennifer can help ensure that your words are wise, reassuring, and transparent.


When meeting with an abuse victim to evaluate their situation and needs, having an advocate present may help them feel less anxious and facilitate clear communication. Jennifer can consult privately with your congregant, help them outline their needs and wants, help them communicate those to you, and follow up to make sure they feel heard and cared for. The goal here is to empower the victim to speak and have agency, while also reducing their anxiety and the risk of misunderstandings.