Orisonata is a progressive metal project by comoser and guitarist, Jason Lee Greenberg. Drawing from the worlds of classical guitar, jazz, and progressive metal, Orisonata offers a unique combination of instruments rarely heard in traditional metal.

Expect to hear gorgeous saxophone passages, wooden flutes, jazz piano sections, and orchestral strings all bound by blistering guitar riffs and solos as well as the unearthly voice by classically trained singer, Jennifer Grassman.

Needless to say, Orisonata is anchored by Jason’s electric, classical, and bass guitar composition and performance. In fact, save for the saxophone performance of Todd Oxford and the piano solo of Pamela York, all instrumentation was arranged and performed or programmed by Jason.

Orisonata Reviews

“Orisonata manages to create its own sound in a genre that has been standing still over the past few years. The band has a more progressive approach to the symphonic female-fronted metal genre …” ~ Black Wind Metal

In Orisonata, “jazz, eastern influences, gothic undertones, and progressive metal can come together in harmony.” ~ Hollywood Metal

“Attention symphonic and progressive metal fans: There is a new band out of Houston … called Orisonata that is poised to steal the thunder of heavyweights like Stratovarius, Blind Guardian and Sonata Arctica. Orisonata have set out on a mission to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that American bands cannot just play as well as European bands, but might even be better than them at their own game.” ~ The Front Row Report

“Beautiful vocals, superb saxophone solos, classical guitar, jazz, piano and many other elements make this Progressive Symphonic Metal album a very fresh and attractive alternative in the world of heavy music … mixes the sonority of Dream Theater and Tarja Turunen in a way that would make both band and artist very proud of Orisonata.” ~ The Head Banging Moose

“A very unique and welcome addition to this style
of progressive metal.” ~ Prog Metal Zone

“This is not the usual Symphonic Metal, so if you are after something ‘common’ please keep looking.” ~ Metal Temple