Journalism Portfolio

The Houston Chronicle
I cover local stories with an emphasis on charity, business, church, and community news. Read my Houston Chronicle stories.

Red State
I write opinion pieces with an emphasis on culture, feminism, #MeToo, current events, and religion. for this conservative media outlet.

The Federalist
I write cultural commentary and opinion pieces focusing on current events, family values, feminism, sexism, and the church for this conservative media outlet. Read my The Federalist articles here.

Iron Ladies
I cover Christianity, women’s issues, religion, sexism, and feminism in this conservative webzine. Check out Iron Ladies.

I write about Christianity, culture, the church, sexism, and abuse recovery. Check out my work on Medium.

The Washington Times
In the past, I wrote and edited an online column for The Washington Times called, The Business of Being Diva. I interviewed artists such as Aimee Mann, Imogen Heap, and Natalia Tena.