Jennifer Greenberg

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With your financial partnership, I can continue my ministry. On any given day, I’m busy working on:

  • Helping abuse victims report crimes to law enforcement
  • Helping survivors navigate options and find the support they need
  • Advising leaders and pastors on how to handle abusive situations responsibly
  • Supporting friends and family as they care for a traumatized loved one

The majority of my services are offered free of charge to anyone who needs them. Here’s where you come in. Your donation, however small, helps me continue serving others while providing for my family. It also enables me to develop resources such as the following:

Ministry Resources
Not Forsaken: A Shepherd’s Guide is a free educational resource designed for seminary and university classes, church group studies, and individual readers. It’s over 130 pages of information on how church leaders can prevent, identify, understand, and respond to abuse in all its forms; including domestic violence, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, child abuse, spiritual abuse, and abuse cover ups.
Download Not Forsaken: A Shepherd’s Guide

Not Forsaken: Recover Together (Coming Soon) will be a program churches and ministries can easily implement in the form of a small group or study to minister to abuse victims and survivors in their communities.

Not Forsaken: Life After Abuse (Coming Soon) will feature conversations between survivors, pastors, counselors and friends. We’ll discuss the recovery process, think through the lies of spiritual abuse, and focus on the love of Jesus for the heartbroken and weary.

Not Forsaken: A Shepherd’s Guide (Coming Soon) will feature interviews with lawyers, therapists, and veteran pastors to equip our churches and communities to better prevent, identify, and respond to abusive situations.

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