Jennifer Greenberg

Give & Get Involved

As a wife and mom of three young children, I love spending time with my kids, reading to them, and teaching them about Jesus. When I’m not ministering to my family, I invest my time in creating resources for the church and my fellow abuse survivors.

It used to be that I made a little income as a freelance writer and journalist, and that funded my ministry. However, writing for work unavoidably carves time away from ministry, and most importantly, from my kids. So, I’ve decided to shift my focus entirely to my kids and the projects below.  Many of these projects are resources I’m giving away for free. Your financial partnership will help me cover my expenses, such as website hosting, studio equipment for a podcast and Christian music, editing and production services, books for my research, and other such blessings.

For as little as $1 a month, you can partner with me as I endeavor to equip Christ’s church, strengthen marriages, share the Gospel, and help abuse survivors recover.

Here are just a few of the projects I’m working on:

Ministry Resources
Not Forsaken: A Shepherd’s Guide is an educational resource designed for seminary and university classes, church group studies, and individual readers. It’s over 130 pages of information on how church leaders can 1) identify, 2) understand, 3) prevent, and 4) respond to abuse in all its forms; including domestic violence, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, child abuse, spiritual abuse, and abuse cover ups.
Download Not Forsaken: A Shepherd’s Guide

Not Forsaken: Recover Together (Coming in 2021!) will be a church ministry program designed for church groups and community outreach. The program will feature a 14 week lesson plan, class activities, Q&A, and a prayer calendar.

Marital & Parenting Resources
Not Forsaken: A Couple’s Guide (Coming in 2021!) will be a study for couples recovering from abuse together. Whether that abuse was during one or both of their childhoods, or in a past relationship, I want to help them communicate, parent with confidence, and build their marriage stronger.

Abuse Recovery Resources
Not Forsaken: A Survivor’s Guide (Coming in 2021!) will be a study for victims and survivors of abuse who need help figuring out what church to go to, how to find a good counselor or therapist, how to identify abusive behavior, and tips and advice for processing trauma.

Fantasy & Science Fiction
As a child, even while growing up in a broken home, God put faith in my heart. One way Jesus reached me was through The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. In addition to my non-fiction works, I am writing a series of fantasy and science fiction novels for children and teens to plant seeds of hope in the imaginations of future generations.

Partnership Benefits
As a ministry partner, you will receive:
– pre-release copies of select materials*
– insider updates of upcoming resources and projects
– special thanks in the credits of select materials*

Give a One-Time-Gift

Your one-time gift of funds will be faithfully invested in maintaining and expanding my ministry. Thank you!

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Your subscription as a ministry partner will provide reliable, continued support in the form of monthly donations so I can continue and expand my ministry. Thank you for your faithful generosity!

*in the case that I’m working with a book publisher or co-writer, I may not be able to provide pre-release copies of some materials.