Sexual Abuse Summit – Dallas Baptist University

The Sexual Abuse Summit is a two-day conference focused on addressing the risk and responding well to child sexual abuse in ministry environments. Summit speakers are attorneys, experts, pastors and counselors who regularly address legal, pastoral and counseling issues related to child sexual abuse.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Risk
  • Implementing Preventative Measures
  • Preparing for and Responding to an Allegation
  • Complying with Abuse Reporting Requirements
  • Responding Well to an Allegation
  • Caring for Abuse Survivors
  • Top 5 Legal Issues Encountered by Pastors

Kelly Rosati, Kimberlee Norris, Katie Swafford, Dr. Zoricelis Davila, Jennifer Greenberg, and Dr. Andi Thacker will collaborate on the panel, Responding Well to the Allegation: Caring Well for the Victim. In this 45-minute conversation, we’ll discuss many common questions, including, “How can ministry leaders respond with care, support and sensitivity after an allegation is received and reported?” “How is this model of care impacted by the age of the victim?” “What ongoing care is appropriate weeks, months and years later?”

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The event is finished.


Oct 08 - 09 2020


All Day
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