3GT Podcast: Reformed Theology & Abuse in the Church, Part 2

The episode is a 3GT plus one, as the guys are visited by a special guest. Jennifer Michelle Greenberg, author of Not Forsaken: A Story of Life after Abuse, joins the podcast.

Jennifer tells the story of growing up in a churchgoing, homeschooling home where she was abused in verbal, physical, and sexual ways by her father. Having found hope in the love of her Heavenly Father and the sufferings of her Savior, Jennifer tells how the Lord rescued her despite all that she went through. Though some details are given to help gain a sense of what she went through, the focus of this episode is on the “defiant joy” the Lord has now given her.

Sadly, too many suffer under abuse without help. Tune into this edition of Three Guys – and a Gal! – Theologizing to hear of the grace and healing the Lord gives to those who cry out to him. (To order Jennifer’s book, go here.)

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May 20 2020


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