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6 Prayers for Marital Intimacy After Sexual Trauma

Since publishing Not Forsaken, I’ve received many emails from survivors of abuse, betrayal, assault, and divorce, asking for prayer and advice. One of the most common requests is for more in-depth help on how to overcome the sexual anxiety and shame that now tarnishes or inhibits marital intimacy. While I could probably write a whole book on this topic, I pray this article, published today on The Gospel Coalition, encourages you or someone you know:

The Outrage Epidemic & How To Love A Hater

Lately, outrage is everywhere. It seems that everybody is mad about something, and feeling “triggered” is practically considered a virtue. Even justifiable anger over real problems frequently seems blown-out-of-proportion and unnecessarily life-impacting. Just in the past week I’ve seen people seething over Donald Trump, gluten, home decor, sexism, Kevin Spacey, God, the cultural appropriation of tacos, and whether or not …

Symbols of God

The Cursed Blessing of Depression

We’ve been through a lot together, you and I. You were always there, no matter how horrible things got. I remember as a young child, making mud-pies in the back yard, and feeling your unmistakable presence. I promised you then, that whenever I talked to myself, I was actually talking to you. My childhood became a prayer, and with a …