How To Love a Guy in 10 Ways

While it happened long, long ago in Twitter years, once upon a time there was a Gillette advertisement that tried to characterize toxic masculinity and encourage PC manhood. While it generated a lot of incendiary cultural dialogue, from a marketing perspective, I think it’s safe to say the ad backfired. Many men were offended that it seemed to insinuate that …

So, You Want to Stop the Next School Shooter?

I stole his gun. I hid it, unloaded and wrapped in a towel, in a box of chintzy craft supplies, knitting, and fashion accessories I’d accrued as a teenager. It was the last place he’d look. I left the ammo in his dresser drawer. It was my way of mocking him, as if to say, “I’ve taken your power, but left the bullets so you can play marbles with them.”

Sheriff Israel, Tide Pods, and The Religion of Irresponsibility

These days, I don’t expect people to care. I don’t expect people to pay attention or comprehend a problem unless you rub their noses in it. Nevertheless, the level of apathy and negligence demonstrated by Broward County Sheriff’s Office shocked me.

The Bleak Reality of Male Abuse Survivors

Over the past year, I’ve been writing a book called, Those Who Weep, which chronicles the spiritual recovery process of abuse survivors. As I continue to write and edit, I mostly draw upon my own personal experiences. However, I have also interviewed many fellow survivors in order to identify commonalities and key issues. To my surprise, of the nearly 60 …