Those Who Weep

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Part memoir, part self-help, and part theology, Those Who Weep chronicles the healing process following child abuse, domestic violence, assault, and trauma. With her compelling writing and strong voice, Jennifer Greenberg leverages her life experiences and Scriptural insight to comfort abuse survivors with grace and practical wisdom.

“My lyre is turned to mourning,
    and my pipe to the voice of those who weep.
Job 30:31

For pastors, counselors, teachers, and friends, this 90,000 word crash-course resource presents a comprehensive road map for understanding and facilitating the recovery process of victims. Jennifer’s overarching message to survivors is that ours is the God of the brokenhearted. He is our Father and He never abandons His children.

By interviewing over 60 abuse survivors, and examining accounts of abuse, depression, and anxiety throughout Scripture (including Joseph, Tamar, Jonathan, Job, and Jesus Himself) Jennifer identifies key stages in the recovery process, common emotional challenges, and shared patterns in our challenges, pains, fears, and hopes.

“Blessed are those who weep, for they shall be comforted.”
Matthew 5:4

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Those Who Weep
Half Page Summary:

“Be quiet,” he said, “I am reading.”

Her father once again addressed himself to the thick theology book with its elegant hardcover and advanced Biblical theorem. The little girl, who looked to be about 10, nodded agreement and went back to playing, this time keeping her voice down. Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her from behind. He clenched her arm tightly, shook her violently, and began to beat her. She cried out that she was sorry. She promised to be quiet. She screamed for help. He would not stop hitting. In an instant, her father had gone from studying apologetics to practicing abuse.

Jennifer Greenberg endured over two decades of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Some might expect that this experience, coupled with her dad’s flagrant hypocrisy, would have turned her against God, but God was faithful. Even during the darkest seasons of her life, He kept her faith alive. In fact, Jennifer has come to view her suffering as a bitter blessing that empowers her to relate with fellow survivors in a way that no one with a happy childhood could.

Those Who Weep takes an enlightening look at the spiritual consequences of abuse, as well as the chemistry of emotions that lie behind common survivor struggles. Leveraging a deep understanding of how victims think, the behavioral patterns rooted in trauma, and a solid grasp of Biblical theology, Jennifer communicates complicated pain with striking clarity and hope-filled compassion. Both victims and counselors will find her writing revelatory, healing, encouraging, and redemptive.

By drawing on her own personal experiences, corresponding with a group of over 50 fellow survivors, and using stories of Biblical abuse victims such as Jonathan, Joseph, and Job, Jennifer has written a road-map which points her readers out of heartbroken fear and into the grace of Jesus Christ. In covering a broad range of topics, including anger at God, fear of betrayal, debilitating shame, and depressive and suicidal thoughts, Those Who Weep is a comprehensive yet intimate work which may revolutionize the way pastors and therapists counsel victims.