“Jennifer has a voice all her own in a world of conformity.”
Brian Ray, Bassist & Guitarist for Paul McCartney

She’s a Texan stay-at-home mom of three who listens to heavy metal and likes black licorice. She’s baking, piano-playing poet who loves fantasy literature, Star Trek, and will slay you at Scrabble. But even as she’s changing diapers, sweeping up Cheerios, and cleaning peanut butter off the cat, Jennifer is thinking about writing. Whether she’s composing her next humorous parenting anecdote or contemplating a profound theological concept, 87.42% of Jennifer’s writing is done in her head.

Born in Austin, Texas, on December 8, 1984, Jennifer’s favorite childhood memories include digging in the dirt, building forts, sneaking out the bathroom window at night, and reading murder mysteries until the wee hours of the morning. Despite being able to ID just about any snake you can shake a stick at, Jennifer is not a tomboy. She loves spa days with her girls, singing hymns, watching Jane Austen movies, and she’s mastered the art of looking not-totally-awkward in extremely high heels.

Under her maiden name, Jennifer Grassman, she has released several award winning albums, including At The Back Of The North Wind (2003), Keep Silent; A Collection of Ancient Carols (2006), Serpent Tales & Nightingales (2010), and she sang lead vocals on Jason Greenberg’s progressive metal album, Orisonata (2014). She plans to release another solo album, Symbiotic, in 2020.

Jennifer’s music has been reviewed by Christianity Today, Houston Chronicle, and featured on NPR, FOX 26, and Great Day Houston, just to name a few. The majority of her lyrics are inspired by literature and film. From Shakespeare to Agatha Christie and Jane Austen to J.R.R. Tolkien, Jennifer’s lyrics explore a vast number of mythical, romantic, and mysterious characters. She has also used her music to explore the feelings of sorrow and betrayal resultant from her childhood trauma.

Even through the darkest seasons of her life, God has been faithful and kept Jennifer’s hope alive. Her tenacious will to thrive, empathic ability to discern emotion in others, and skill at articulating complex feelings contribute to her hallmark voice as an author.

Jennifer has been commended by Tori Amos for her work benefiting abuse victims, and by President George W. Bush and Governor Sarah Palin for her charitable work for the military and veterans. She passionately continues to dedicate her artistic energy toward helping others. Her book, Not Forsaken (The Good Book Company, 2019), is a natural continuation of Jennifer’s prolific creativity and advocacy.

Jennifer lives in Texas, with her husband, Jason, and their three little girls.