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September Events Moved Online

Amid concerns over COVID, my presentations this month have been moved to Zoom and YouTube. I’m disappointed not to be able to deliver them in person, but I’m grateful for the caution and care event organizers are showing, and it will be nice to discuss these important (albeit difficult) topics from the comfort of our own homes.

The events moved online are as follows:

Saturday, September 18
Domestic Violence in The House of God
OPC Presbytery of Connecticut and Southern New York

Sunday, September 19
Ministry Update & Child Abuse Prevention Tips
The Haven, Long Island, New York

I will post links here as they become available. I am not clear on whether the presbytery meeting will be open to the public (the in-person ones usually are, but the Zoom meeting may have an attendance limit), and the Haven presentation will be recorded and made available on YouTube sometime next week.

So … stay tuned, stay safe, be stay healthy everyone!


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