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Author Jennifer Greenberg Signs with Literary Agent, Brad Byrd

I’m excited to announce that I’m now represented by literary agent, Brad Byrd, of Wadestone and 10ofThose. Brad has extensive experience in the publishing industry and will be representing both my fiction and non-fiction works to Christian and general market publishers.

A few years ago, when I submitted by first book, Not Forsaken, to The Good Book Company, Brad was an acquisitions editor involved in selecting and planning for its publication. To be able to work with a literary agent who is already familiar with my background, my writing style, and my beliefs, is extremely encouraging to me.

One of my chief goals has always been to work with professionals who respect the difficult and sensitive topics I cover. Topics like child abuse aren’t something everyone can or should focus on on an ongoing basis. They require a lot of mental energy, wisdom, self-sacrifice, and empathy. By God’s grace, I’ve found myself collaborating with godly people who prioritize critical issues like abuse prevention and recovery, depression, anxiety, forgiveness, healthy relationships, and the tough, messy, complicated dialogues intrinsic to our spiritual growth as human beings. That’s one of the reasons I continue to be proud that my first book is published by The Good Book. Their care and concern for these issues shines through their work.

Brad’s work with my friend, Sarah Walton, who writes on topics like chronic illness, mental health, and parenting, plus thoughtful counsel from my friends, Daniel Darling and Drew Dyke, make me all the more eager to see how God will work through this new collaboration. I’m grateful for all the people He has placed in my life, and for their help as we move my ministry and writing career into this exciting new chapter.

About Wadestone & Brad Byrd:

Wadestone is a growing management consulting company specializing in platform development, literary representation, project management, as well as for-profit and nonprofit management strategy. Brad Byrd launched Wadestone January of 2019 after 28 years in the international non-profit, publishing, and market-place ministry spheres. Prior to founding Wadestone, Brad served ten years as the North American Director of The Good Book Company, a global Christian publishing company with headquarters in London and Washington DC. He oversaw the US launch, advising on marketing strategy, finance, and acquisitions. Over Brad’s tenure, authors such as Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, Trillia Newbell, and Sam Allberry were added to the company’s portfolio of authors.

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