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Not Forsaken Audiobook Celebratory Release Giveaway!

I’m excited to announce that my book, Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse, is now available as an audiobook on Amazon and Audible. Narrated by Jennifer Fry, Not Forsaken comes to life with her friendly voice, deep understanding of emotion, and palpable compassion.

“[Jennifer Fry] is a joy to listen to, very active and truly committed to the story … Beautiful work.” ~ Audible Review of Jennifer’s narration of Chasing the Signal by J. Fitzpatrick Mauldin

A 6-hour-and-39-minute listen, Not Forsaken the audiobook provides a quick and easy read in the car, at the gym, or – if you’re like me – while you’re doing boring chores like laundry. I’m also hopeful that this audio format will make Not Forsaken more accessible to survivors with PTSD who sometimes find focusing on a physical book challenging.

And of course, if you’re worried about the biographical story being too triggering or sad, just jump ahead to Chapter 2: Was I Abused? My publisher and I organized my personal accounts in the first chapter on purpose so that sensitive readers could skip them if they want to, while still benefiting from the spiritual wisdom and encouragement of the book.

To celebrate the release of Not Forsaken on Amazon and Audible, I’m giving away 10 free downloads of the audiobook! Please enter your email address below. On March 1, ten lucky winners will receive a special code and link to download via email.

There is no purchase necessary. In order to download the book, you will need to download the free Audible App, unless you’re already an Audible Subscriber.

This is a fantastic and well-written book. I couldn’t put it down. She speaks from her own background as an abuse victim and wisely identifies key areas of pain and difficulty experienced by survivors of abuse. Then she applies a particular teaching of Scripture to each of those areas.
~ Tom Hicks, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Clinton, LA

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