Not Forsaken

Not Forsaken Marriage Study Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that I’m working on a marriage study to go along with my book. Not Forsaken: A Couple’s Journey, is designed specially for husbands and wives who want to recover from abuse as a team. Too often, the pain of child abuse, or past abusive relationships, inhibits our ability to build a healthy marriage. We want to feel safe, loved, and learn to trust our godly spouse. The goal of this marriage study is to approach these challenges as a team, so as we recover we grow closer together.

Not Forsaken: A Couple’s Journey includes 14 lessons (one for each chapter of Not Forsaken). As you read Not Forsaken together at your own pace, you can benefit from:

  • answering study questions
  • keeping a journal together
  • praying together
  • reading the Bible together
  • completing easy relationship-building exercises to promote communication and understanding
  • enjoy supplemental materials designed to build your marriage stronger as you recover from abuse and trauma as a team.

Here’s one of the prayers from the first lesson in the study:

Lord, please bless us as we seek to heal from the pain which evil people have inflicted. As we grow closer to you in faith and love, grow us closer in compassion toward one another. Like two vines that grow up toward the sun, intertwine our souls and unify our hearts as we reach toward your Light.

Jesus, we need your Spirit to be at work in our marriage. We need you to fill us with wisdom, patience, hope, and understanding, both for one another, but also for ourselves. We cannot do this on our own. We are weak. We are finite. Just as we need you to wash away our sins, we need you to build us up now.

Empower us to view each other through your merciful eyes. Take away the pain and complicated emotional turmoil which so often clouds our communication and influences how we interact.

We desire to build a strong, stable, healthy marriage – not only because this will bring us happiness – but because it will bring you happiness. God, you are Love. Be the bond that fortifies us on this journey of recovery.

Not Forsaken: A Couple’s Journey

Not Forsaken: A Couple’s Journey
Coming Fall 2020

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