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FamilyLife Today: Abused but Not Forsaken

I recently had the honor of traveling to Arkansas and talking to Bob Lepine and Dave and Ann Wilson on the podcast, FamilyLife Today. They are such kind people, and truly have hearts for ministering to the brokenhearted. During my visit, we discussed my background of growing up in an abusive home, and how God shepherded me through darkness and despair toward hope and love by grace through faith. Our conversation takes place over two episodes. I hope you find them helpful and encouraging as you minister to survivors, or recover from trauma in your own life:

1. Abused but Not Forsaken

with Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | July 9, 2020

Bob Lepine, with hosts Dave and Ann Wilson, sit down with Jennifer Greenberg, author of the book “Not Forsaken,” as she tells her story of growing up with a father who was teaching Sunday School at church while at the same time being physically, sexually, and emotionally abusive at home. Jennifer would have nightmares about being raped, and expected to die before turning 21. Hear the chilling details of the moment her father actually confessed out loud, “You’re gonna have to accept that I’m evil.” But also find the hope Jennifer found in Genesis 50:20, “You meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.”

2. Hope When Evil Is Under Your Own Roof

with Jennifer Michelle Greenberg | July 10, 2020

How can Jennifer Greenberg, a trained opera singer, still sing and find joy despite growing up with a father who was physically and sexually abusive? Or a mom who enabled the abuse? Or a pastor who didn’t offer protection and help, but only reinforced her worst fears? Listen as hosts Dave and Ann Wilson, with Bob Lepine, uncover the source of Jennifer’s defiant belief in a God who never leaves nor forsakes you, but One who knows our suffering first-hand.

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