Why I Filed a Police Report for Cyber Harassment 🕵️

A few people have asked why I “called the police” on a certain person who later wrote a blog about me. Well firstly, I didn’t. I filed a report about a slew of harassment and bizarre communications I’ve received over the past 8 months, some of which were possibly sent by sexual predators from my past.

These included anonymous messages from someone claiming to be a law enforcement officer, someone claiming to be a sexual predator who told me the name of his target, and someone who doxed themselves by lying about situations and stating facts only known to a small circle.

Here’s an example of the type of messages I reported. “Lincoln” is a guy I briefly dated when I was maybe 16. Despite the fact that he was around 22 at the time, my parents encouraged this relationship. Eventually, I became afraid of Lincoln, and told him to stop contacting me. He was very upset, but eventually left me alone. I hadn’t heard from this guy in about 20 years, until March 29, when I received these messages:

I was not advised by anyone to contact law enforcement, I just did. I mean, when someone using an anon account tells you they’re a pervert stalking someone, or a creepy ex from 20 years ago uses a fake Facebook profile and pretends to be his own BFF to ask you why you broke up with him, it’s pretty much a no-brainer!

Some of the anon emails seemed to be written by the same person, but from different accounts, so rather than try to sort through what was what, I reported the lot.

Some of the people in my past are extremely dangerous. There’s my dad of course, but there’s also at least 2 rapists, 3 child predators, several violent abusers, and of course enablers upset that I’m reporting abusers and naming names. So, when I start getting creepy anon emails, I don’t play.

Several names were included in various messages, so that’s who police questioned. I won’t name them, but one doxed herself by blogging about me. In the blog she included a screen capture of a private email I’d received which no one but me and the sender should have had access to. This was very concerning to me, because I pride myself in being confidential. The fact that this email was somehow leaked befuddled me.

Upon checking various account log-in records, I was disturbed to find that my email address and my Facebook account had been hacked by an unknown person. Someone using a Samsung 8 logged into my email as recently as June 22, and someone in Cypress and/or El Paso (who could have spoofed their IP address), logged into my Facebook.

Thankfully, the email address hacked was an old one I haven’t used in almost a year, and whoever hacked my Facebook didn’t have access to Messenger. However, some emails I’d intended to keep appear to have been permanently deleted, including some evidence against an abuser (no worries though, it’s all backed up).

So, I logged out the unknown devices and changed all my passwords to cat-on-a-keyboard messes Felicity Smoak would be proud of. I consider it unlikely that the person who blogged about me hacked me. I consider it more likely someone else did, and then sent her the screen captures.

Several of the emails I received from the blogger gal did include threats to publish screen captures of my personal text messages unless I met unclear demands. I’m guessing these would be texts taken out of context to look bad, info about the abuse of loved ones which I’ve kept private, or just faked images. I mean, everything else is just mom-talk and cat memes, so … 🤷‍♀️ … there is my Top Secret Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe though … hopefully that remains secret!

The police did consider everything I reported very concerning, however the Houston District Attorney didn’t think there was enough solid evidence (yet, and hopefully there won’t be) to build a case. So, basically, law enforcement are monitoring the situation.

The police assured me that I’d done the right thing by reporting. They’ve given me safety precautions to follow, advised me to consider seeking out a lawyer regarding issues of libel (which I likely won’t do, because it just sounds like a stressful and time consuming mess), to completely ignore anon emails and trolls by not replying to them, and to keep law enforcement posted, particularly of further threats or crimes.

So, that’s what happened.

I wasn’t planning on posting anything about any of this, but apparently some people have been gossiping, posting screen captures of out-of-context tweets which they mistakenly thought were about blogger gal, and a few friends asked what was going on. So, I figured I’d clear the air.

I’m currently involved in several investigations into abusers, so, I’m receiving a special level of unhinged messages. If you’re just a basic troll, it’s probably wise not to send me anon communications right now, as I’m forwarding everything whack to investigators 🤷‍♀️

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