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Today (June 3, 2020) at 3PM CT / 4PM ET, Jennifer will be featured live on Iron Sharpens Iron radio:

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Episode Description: Jennifer Michelle Greenberg is a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter (who has received a wonderful commendation from Brian Ray, Bassist & Guitarist for Paul McCartney), author, wife, mother, and half of a musical duo with her husband, Jason. She’s an advocate for victims of domestic violence and abuse who has been commended by Tori Amos for her work benefiting these victims, and by President George W. Bush & Governor Sarah Palin for her charitable work for the military and veterans. Today on Iron Sharpens Iron, Jennifer will address: Not Forsaken: A Story of Life After Abuse: How Faith Brought One Woman from Victim to Survivor

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APRIL 18: Jesus Calling: Reversing the Damage of Abuse
Jenn’s interview begins after 12 minutes

May 13: Three Guys Theologizing (3GT): Not Forsaken
The episode is a 3GT plus one, as the guys are visited by a special guest. Jennifer Michelle Greenberg, author of Not Forsaken: A Story of Life after Abuse, joins the podcast. Jennifer tells the story of growing up in a churchgoing, homeschooling home where she was abused in verbal, physical, and sexual ways by her father. Having found hope in the love of her Heavenly Father and the sufferings of her Savior, Jennifer tells how the Lord rescued her despite all that she went through. Though some details are given to help gain a sense of what she went through, the focus of this episode is on the “defiant joy” the Lord has now given her. Sadly, too many suffer under abuse without help. Tune into this edition of Three Guys – and a Gal! – Theologizing to hear of the grace and healing the Lord gives to those who cry out to him. (To order Jennifer’s book, go here.)

May 20: Three Guys Theologizing (3GT): Abuse in the Church
After their previous episode, where they interviewed Jennifer Greenberg, author of Not Forsaken: A Story of Life after Abuse, the 3GTers decided to bring her back on for a follow-up discussion. For they wanted to talk with her about dealing with abuse in the church. The guys first interact with her on why many victims of abuse struggle to tell others. Jennifer shares how that, even when she did attempt to speak up, many of her pleas for help as a young girl up through her teenage years were not heard or were even dismissed by believers and church authorities. From there, she shares principles of advocacy for those suffering abuse, and a variety of counsel is given to the church and its leaders. Topics such as involving the civil authorities, providing a network of support to the victim, the manipulative tactics of abusers, wrongful application of Scriptures, and church discipline are explored. Toward the end, Jennifer’s personal account puts a sobering note on this episode, serving as a reminder of how the church must protect and rescue those in dangerous situations. So set some time aside and prayerfully listen to this episode of 3GT.

May 23: Redeemer Broadcasting: A Story of Life After Abuse
Today we talk with A Christian lady who was abused by her church-going father. She has written a book called Not Forsaken – A Story of Life After Abuse. After going through domestic violence, sexual abuse, and psychological abuse, she is still a Christian today. Her life is a testimony to the grace of God and is no small miracle that she made it through. She shares with us some helpful perspectives on how to deal with a father who was just plain evil. But how did she handle forgiveness? What did she learn about the process of forgiving? Her story is one of restoration – God helps this very hurt woman to find a godly husband. Now they have a daughter. Once married, she saw the contrast between what a godly man looks like and what her dad was like. Mind you, this dad was active in his church, and they had what on the outside, looked like a Christian home. But he lived a total lie. Our guest shares advice with those who are going through the nightmare of domestic abuse. Also, for elders, here is some good advice as you work through how to handle one of these cases in your own church.

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