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Mother’s Day: Why We Breathe – Support Indie Christian Film During COVID-19 Shutdown

This Mother’s Day, please help me support these Christian independent artists. Starting at just $12, please rent and enjoy WHY WE BREATHE today through Sunday (available this weekend only, 5/8 – 5/10) and make a donation so these brothers and sisters in Christ can continue glorifying God through their art. Thank you!

As you know, life as an artist is tough. You work incredibly hard and you pull very long hours for a little peace of beauty and a meaningful expression.

My dear friends at A Walk in the Parks and VCE Productions have had a big disappointment. All their screenings and film festival openings for their beautiful debut film, WHY WE BREATHE, have been canceled due to COVID-19. I don’t know how many hours, tears, dollars, or pots of coffee were poured into this film, but it’s absolutely spectacular.

If you like The Blind Side, Wonder, or Cinderella Man, I think you will love WHY WE BREATHE.

Erik Parks, who also produced my book trailer for Not Forsaken, actually sent me a free copy to screen and review. I watched it with my husband, three kids, and in-laws, and we all loved it. The acting, writing, cinematography, music … it’s all so very well done. I’m very excited to see more films by this talented team. Please help make that possible by renting, Why We Breathe, Mother’s Day weekend.

Rent Why We Breathe Now

Learn More: WhyWeBreathe.com

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