Not Forsaken Press: Week of 8/20

We’re getting some very exciting media coverage of Not Forsaken, which released Tuesday, August 20. Here’s a catalog of links to articles, reviews, interviews, and podcasts to check out this weekend:

Articles I Wrote:

Purity Culture in the Hands of an Abuser, Fathom Magazine
5 Types of Pastors Who Bungle Abuse in Church, Facts & Trends
6 Things to Never Say to an Abuse Victim, Crosswalk
How to Meet Someone We Love in Their Suffering, LightWorkers
How Do I Tell My Wife I Was Abused? Core Christianity

“By far, the most powerful book I’ve read all year.”

Kevin Thompson, Basic Bible Podcast

Not Forsaken Reviews & News:

INTERVIEW: The Christian Post: Sexual abuse survivor warns churches: Failing to preach repentance, sin ‘dangerous’ to victims
“Preaching repentance and sin is extremely important, but there’s such a tendency within the church to want to love the abuser and forgive them right away, and we skip the part where we demand that they repent for their sin,” Jennifer Greenberg told The Christian Post. “What these churches don’t understand is that it’s dangerous to the victim and also not doing the abuser any favors.” Read More

PODCAST: The Basic Bible Podcast, Ep. 99, Not Forsaken
This week joining us on the podcast is author Jennifer Greenberg. Jennifer’s book, Not Forsaken, is her story of how her faith in Christ helped her become a survivor of terrible childhood abuse. She gives readers an inside look into the mind of an abuse victim and It is, by far, the most powerful book I’ve read all year. But, I warn you, it is a difficult read – yet an important one. If you have been the victim of abuse or if you wish to minister to those who have been, you need to read this book! Listen Here

PODCAST: Voices In My Head with Rick Lee James
Rick Lee James is a Christian recording artist who is passionate about glorifying God through providing His church with Biblically solid and worshipful music. In this podcast we discuss my own music, as well as Not Forsaken, and how God preserved my faith despite abuse. Listen Here

BOOK REVIEW: The Torrey Gazette, by Coralie Cowan
Part biblical reflection, part personal analysis, and part anecdote from other victims she has met, Jennifer manages to make the dark, and often threatening, subject matter approachable without sugar coating, whitewashing, or sin-leveling the crimes committed against her and others like her.  Read More

INTERVIEW: Igniting A Nation
I had the opportunity to interview with Rabbi Walker of Igniting A Nation about my life story, Not Forsaken, as well as current events including #ChurchToo and how certain cultures and doctrines enable abusers such as Jeffrey Epstein.

Not Forsaken GIVEAWAY & Book Review
In the heart-wrenching, beautiful, and refreshing pages of this book, Jennifer discusses Jesus’s heart for the abused, God as our true and perfect Father, understanding the image of God in yourself after abuse, forgiveness, and so much more. Read More

PRESS RELEASE: Abuse survivor shares her story in new book from The Good Book Company
“Isn’t it tragic that in a world so beautiful and diverse, a defining feature we all have in common is pain?” Author Jennifer Greenberg knows pain all too well, having suffered psychological, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her church-going father. Read More

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