Not Forsaken Releases! And Reviews Are Already Coming in …

Yesterday was a big day! On August 20, Not Forsaken was released. Already it has multiple reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and ChristianBooks, and is rising in the ranks.

Here are a few quotes from reader reviewers:

“I had to put down the book at times to cry. Sometimes because of what Jenn endured, but sometimes because of the good news of the gospel and the power of God to restore beauty out of ashes.”

Persis, Amazon Reviewer

“When I first started reading this book, I wished deeply that I had something similar when I started my own healing journey three years ago.”
Emily, Amazon Reviewer

“I can see this book being useful not only to survivors, but to pastors, counselors, and the loved ones of survivors. Church libraries and Christian counseling offices would do well to provide copies of this book to the hurting among them.”
Jen Elslager, Amazon Reviewer

“There are so many who need this message of hope, that they are not forsaken. Buy as may copies as you can afford; read one and share the rest!”

Carrie, Amazon Reviewer

“I deeply appreciated Greenberg’s clear-eyed depictions of the traits of an abuser, and the trademarks of a “gracer” (44-51). This book is definitely a story about life after abuse, and how to actually live after abuse.”
Michael Philliber, Book Reviewer

“A remarkable story for anyone who has been abused, is being abused, or love someone dealing with terror of the past.”
Josephine Hickey, Amazon Reviewer

“In relating her pain she shares how she came to heal and invites others to heal with her. I just finished it a few minutes ago and highly recommend it for survivors, those struggling to survive and those who want to understand what others deal with in order to survive abuse.”
Lowell White, GoodReads Reviewer

“Jenn writes with such humility, yet such intense compassion, that you feel your heart healing even as you weep, because you realize you’re no longer alone.”

Joelle, Amazon Reviewer

“Perhaps what is most surprising about Jennifer’s story is that she does not speak as one who has left the church, angry at what she suffered, and determined to ’empty the pews’ … Despite all the harm the church has committed against her, the tone of her book is not anger but grace. Not cheap grace that minimizes the pain or excuses evil, but enduring grace to believe that we can get better and do better.”
Carrie, Amazon Reviewer

“Jennifer handles a raw, emotional, and immensely difficult topic with the grace of someone who has been through harshest fires and deepest valleys and lived to tell the tale.”
Rose Elliot, Book Reviewer

If you’ve read Not Forsaken, please consider dropping a review on Amazon, GoodReads, my publisher’s website, and wherever else you like to review books that you love.

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  1. I’m insanely proud of you, my beautiful friend. Not only has God healed you, He enabled you to tell the story in a way that will help so many others heal. He gave you multitudes of gifts to touch all of our hearts. I love you, Chickie!

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