Not Forsaken Book Giveaway

Not Forsaken Book Giveaway!

Exciting news! My publisher is giving away FIVE free copies of Not Forsaken 6 weeks before it releases on August 20. Not Forsaken Book Giveaway winners will be selected at random when the giveaway closes on July 10th. Head on over to to enter:

Not Forsaken Book Description: Jenn Greenberg was abused by her church-going father. Yet she is still a Christian. In this courageous, compelling book, she reflects on how God brought life and hope in the darkest of situations. Jenn shows how the gospel enables survivors to navigate issues of guilt, forgiveness, love, and value. And she challenges church leaders to protect the vulnerable among their congregations.

Not Forsaken Book Chapters:
1. Childhood
2. This is My Story
3. Was I Abused?
4. Jesus Wept
5. Concussion of the Heart
6. Deconstructing Self-Destruction
7. The Problem of Guilt (And the Answer to It)
8. #whyididntreport
9. Unearthing the Image of God
10. The Stranger Inside
11. Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death
12. Recovering Fatherhood
13. The Truth About Forgiveness
14. Defining Love
15. Then I Am Strong

“The church has been crying out for a book like this, and the right person has now written it in the right way. Yes, it’s raw, honest, transparent, and painful. That’s why it will resonate with so many. But, unlike so many secular abuse memoirs, this one is also full of grace, truth, gospel, and hope. That’s why it will be redemptive for so many.”

Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology
Puritan Reformed Seminary

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