Not Forsaken, Coming August 20!

I’m very excited to announce that The Good Book Company is so very excited about Not Forsaken, that they’ve moved the book release date up to August 20! It will release here in the US first, and then internationally in 2020. I’ll be updating this post with endorsements, excerpts, and video as we near the book launch!

Not Forsaken hits US bookstore shelves on August 20, 2019

Not Forsaken: a look inside

Chapter Titles:

  1. Childhood
  2. This is My Story
  3. Was I Abused?
  4. Jesus Wept
  5. Concussion of the Heart
  6. Deconstructing Self-Destruction
  7. The Problem of Guilt (And the Answer to It)
  8. #whyididntreport
  9. Unearthing the Image of God
  10. The Stranger Inside
  11. Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death
  12. Recovering Fatherhood
  13. The Truth About Forgiveness
  14. Defining Love
  15. Then I Am Strong


Coming Soon!


​Author​:​ Jennifer Michelle Greenberg
ISBN​:​ 9781784984380
Format​:​ Hardback
First published​:​ 2019
Dimensions​:​ 5.3″ x 8.5″ x 0.7″
Language​:​ English
Pages​:​ 256
Publisher​:​ The Good Book Company

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