Not Forsaken, A Story of Life After Abuse, Releases August 20!

I’m very excited to announce that The Good Book Company is releasing Not Forsaken on August 20, 2019! It will release here in the US first, and then internationally in 2020. I’ll be updating this post with endorsements, excerpts, and video as we near the book launch!

Not Forsaken hits US bookstore shelves on August 20, 2019

Not Forsaken: a look inside

Chapter Titles:

  1. Childhood
  2. This is My Story
  3. Was I Abused?
  4. Jesus Wept
  5. Concussion of the Heart
  6. Deconstructing Self-Destruction
  7. The Problem of Guilt (And the Answer to It)
  8. #whyididntreport
  9. Unearthing the Image of God
  10. The Stranger Inside
  11. Out of the Valley of the Shadow of Death
  12. Recovering Fatherhood
  13. The Truth About Forgiveness
  14. Defining Love
  15. Then I Am Strong


“With grace and humility, Jenn reaches out to tell other abuse survivors that there is hope and a future beyond their pain. Giving advice grounded in Scripture, Jenn walks through her personal process of healing with lived-it advice for others on the same path. If you have been abused or are supporting a loved one who has experienced abuse, you will find solace and wisdom here.”

Georgia Commission on Women
Georgia Human Trafficking Task Force

“Gripping, grievous, gracious, glorious, and gut-wrenching. Greenberg sets straight the path.”

Survivor and Storyteller

“In Not Forsaken, if you have experienced abuse, you will feel understood. If you have not, you will understand better the impact that abuse has. Statistics show abuse is rampant in our world and Christian communities. This is a reminder of how much we must do to protect the innocent, and of how there is hope in Jesus for those who suffer.”

President, Institute for Pastoral Care
Author, How People Change and Unstuck

“Starting a domestic-abuse ministry has been a long road with a steep learning curve. This is the book I wish we would have had at the beginning.”

Pastor for Preaching and Vision
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

“A powerful and needed book, as the prevalence of abuse increasingly comes to light in our world and churches. This book will not only be a healing balm for the deepest wounds but will leave you worshiping the God of hope, healing, and redemption.” SARAH WALTON, Author, Hope When It Hurts “ Jennifer is exactly the kind of expert that nobody wants to be: she has firsthand experience of the destructive nature of abuse. In spite of this she gives a firsthand account of the power of love. This book combines the compassion of #metoo experience with the wisdom of a seasoned theologian.”

Marriage and Family Therapist
Author, Think Differently series

“A brave and authentic exploration of the complex and often conflicting feelings and actions that accompany abuse. The shared human condition of pain shines through this book, but in a way that brings you hope, healing, and a future beyond that pain.”

President, Health & Human Rights Strategies

“For those who want a faith-based process of healing, this lays the foundation to take the first step to wholeness.”

RAINN Speakers Bureau

“Jennifer’s book offers God’s powerful truths through the aching realities of her own testimony. She gives you permission to feel, heal, and discover who you are through the murky waters of the abuse that has tried to drown you. I am grateful for Jennifer’s voice and her bravery: everyone will benefit from reading Not Forsaken!”

Author, Cherished

“If you want to see how the gospel meets those who have been hurt and abused, pick up this powerful book. And if you lead in any capacity in the church, have several copies on hand to help give hope to those who feel hopeless.”

VP for Communications, ERLC (SBC)
Author, The Dignity Revolution

“Few books truly have the power to change a person’s life, but I believe this is one of them. Not Forsaken is one of the most powerful, chilling, heartbreaking, redemptive, and inspiring stories I’ve ever read. Jenn invites the reader to join her on a journey from heartbreak to healing; and along the way, you’ll experience the full range of human emotion and see the goodness of God in new ways.”

Author, Raising Boys Who Respect Girls

“Deeply moving. As a survivor, each chapter spoke to my personal experiences and felt validating and fulfilling. Jenn brings her spirituality and compassion to her work and to those who benefit from her kindness and her story. I count myself as one of them.”

Survivor, Advocate and Author

“Jenn doesn’t shy away from the awful and ugly experiences she has endured; but she also paints a beautiful picture of redemption. As an abuse survivor, Jenn’s words resonated with me. For spouses, family members, or friends seeking to understand abuse in a loved one, this book is perfect. For pastors, teachers, and leaders, this book will be a resource you will find yourself pulling off your bookshelf again and again as you walk beside survivors in your church, ministry, or school.”

Survivor; Founder, Relevant Reach

“If you’ve never experienced abuse, take a moment to thank God. Then read this book to enter the scary world populated, perhaps, by your friends, family, church members, and neighbors. The church needs this message.”

Pastor, Immanuel Fellowship Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Author, The Future of Everything

“This is the riveting story of a young woman finding redemption from abuse by family and church. While not easy reading, it will help the church learn anew how to defend the weak and mistreated. Pastors and church leaders are urged to read Not Forsaken.”

President and Professor of Pastoral Theology
Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“What is one of the most beneficial forms of care we can provide for those who have been abused? Listening. Does that make you uncomfortable? It’s better to admit it and grow than ignore the awkwardness. Jenn Michelle Greenberg has given us an opportunity to listen, which will help us do better when someone we know shares their story with us. Allow her vulnerability and courage to equip you for when someone entrusts you to pastor or befriend them as they navigate the aftershocks of abuse.”

President, The Southern Baptist Convention

“I recommend this work to everyone, as a glorious reminder that we are not forsaken. In a culture saturated with victimhood and self-reflection, Jennifer takes us to the transcendent God who alone gives hope in the struggle of life through Jesus Christ.”

The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies

“The church has been crying out for a book like this, and the right person has now written it in the right way. Yes, it’s raw, honest, transparent, and painful. That’s why it will resonate with so many. But, unlike so many secular abuse memoirs, this one is also full of grace, truth, gospel, and hope. That’s why it will be redemptive for so many.”

Professor of Old Testament and Practical Theology
Puritan Reformed Seminary

“Not Forsaken offers a glimpse into the heart and mind of an abuse survivor, both during and after the abuse. With skillful compassion, Jenn offers hope from the story of the gospel. A helpful and hope-giving guide for abuse survivors and caregivers alike.”

Co-author, Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women


​Author​:​ Jennifer Michelle Greenberg
ISBN​:​ 9781784984380
Format​:​ Hardback
First published​:​ 2019
Dimensions​:​ 5.3″ x 8.5″ x 0.7″
Language​:​ English
Pages​:​ 256
Publisher​:​ The Good Book Company

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