It’s Finally Here! Jennifer’s Podcast

For probably a year I’ve been planning and hoping to start a podcast. Limited time and tech knowledge delayed me, but I’ve finally managed to figure it out (thank you James and Alex!). It should appear on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Spotify, and more within the next two days (so, on or by August 18).


A few quick details:

  1. This is a listener-supported podcast, meaning that you, as my listener can make a small donation which contributes toward helping me cover the cost of hosting my website, sound equipment, etc.
  2. Please do subscribe. When you subscribe, not only will you receive notifications of new episodes, but you’ll be helping boost my podcast’s visibility so that more people can discover and enjoy it.
  3. As recently announced on my website, I signed with The Good Book Company, a global Christian publisher, to publish my first book, which is a mapping out of the spiritual recovery process following abuse. A sadly much-needed topic, but a very hopeful book, so keep an eye out for that.
  4. Finally, I’d like to ask for your prayer. As I edit my book, write these articles, and record these podcasts I’d appreciate prayer for my wisdom, peace of mind, and confidence to tackle these very important subjects in a way that’s honoring to God, healing for many, all while being a homeschooling mom. We just started homeschool kindergarten last week. So, just a lot of change and exciting growth happening.

This debut episode is called, The Scars of Christ & Mothers, and helps us understand how we can biblically view scarred post-pregnancy bodies as something beautiful to be proud of. Please share! Thank you.

Listen Here!

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