Epic 1: Nothing Scares Me Anymore

Nothing scares me anymore;
There is no shame,
There is no guilt.

You walked with me through the Valley of the Shadow of Death;
Of what should I be afraid?
Who can stand against me?
You lived and You died for me;
Now I live and I die for You.

If I am consumed like a burning star in the atmosphere,
Let me shine Your brilliant grace to a watching world.

My life is no fluke of chaos;
My pain sings the opus of Your salvation,
My feet have trod in the very footsteps of God,
And the fingerprints of the Messiah are on my heart.

What can mankind say to me?
Can they silence the story You wrote?
Can they hush the song You composed for my soul to sing?

Your Spirit is electric within me;
Even my sorrow fills me with joy,
For I know that You feel it too.

When I am weak
Then I am strong;
For you are my Redeemer.

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