Exercising & Getting Back In Shape After Pregnancy & C-Section

I’ve been working out with a personal trainer this past week. As someone who wears my stress in my neck and shoulders it’s been so helpful! Plus, having 3 babies in 4 years does some horrid things to your back, hips, and abs.

We’ve barely started, but it’s also gotten me thinking more about what I eat. Being able to grab quick snacks and eat them before the kids put lipstick on the cat or flush their shoes down the toilet is important to me.

So, I’ve been eating those little 100 calorie Greek yogurt cups, sliced deli meat, fruit, cheese … basically upping the protein and health fat and lowering the carbs which make me sleepy because I don’t need any help feeling sleepy.

Once Gwynevere’s surgery is behind us (read more about that here), I want to get a massage to work out the last of the stress and pregnancy knots and kinks. I’ll need to get a pedicure for my poor feet too. They did not like being pregnant. And I need a new contact lens prescription, because my eyesight got a little bit worse with each baby.

Heck, I need to go to pregnancy rehab. That should be a thing. Like a spa-salon-gym-retreat where only women who have experienced the ravages of childbearing are allowed.

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