Don’t Get Cheated By Web Design & Marketing Agencies! Here’s How.

Hi! I’m Jennifer Grassman and I founded The Brand Conservatory because I love small businesses and charities. I’m also passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and philanthropists like myself.

Most marketing companies and website design agencies effectively hold their client’s hostage. By using complex coding and hosting on their proprietary servers, they make it impossible for you (or even another specialist) to update your website without paying them more money.

I’ve encountered situations where a client needs me to recreate their logo from scratch and buy them a completely new domain name, because their old marketing company went out of business or wasn’t responding. No one knew who to contact or how to gain access to the site they’d spent thousands of dollars getting designed!

I’ve also intervened in dilemmas where a client was paying hundreds of dollars per month, yet their marketing company took weeks to respond to emails and months to make simple site edits.

This kind of website-monopoly arrangement is not in your best interests, nor is it ethical in my opinion. You deserve to …

  • Have the login information to make edits to your website
  • Have access to the account of the hosting plan and domain name
  • Be able to update the website by yourself for free if you want to
  • Be able to switch to a new webmaster, marketing agency, or website host without shelling out $$$
  • Cut ties with any webmaster, agency, or host who isn’t doing a good job

That’s why I launched The Brand Conservatory. For approximately $50 – $100* we can identify a professional website theme and palette of plugins. We’ll build you a dynamic and functional website with a custom look that effectively promotes your brand and serves your client’s needs.

With hosting starting as low as $80* per year, we can set up an online store, accept appointment bookings, feature a menu, publish fresh content via a blog, encourage audience interaction via social media, showcase beautiful videos and graphics, and boost you to the front page of Google search results.

What happens if you eventually decide to break up with us? Well, we’d hate to see that happen. However, it’s in your best interests to make sure you can. Because we host all our client’s websites through a third party, all you’d have to do is let us know that you no longer require our services. No muss, no fuss. There would be no need to buy a new domain name, no need to transfer to another host, and no risk of your site going down during a transfer.

Plus, since we use WordPress, it will be easy for you or anyone else to update your website without knowing any complex coding. To learn more about our client empowerment classes, click here.

Got Questions? Need Help? Email Us.

*Because we scrounge the web to find you the best deals, and because each client needs a tailored assortment of features and services, prices will vary. Please contact us for a custom quote.

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