A Conversation Between A Newborn & Her Mommy

“Mommy, please hold me,” the newborn said. “I have never been alone, and I don’t like it.”

“Oh darling,” Mommy said, “You’re never alone. Sometimes I have to set you down so I can take care of your big sisters, or make lunch, or take a shower, but Mommy is always nearby.”

“But Mommy,” the tiny baby insisted, “I need to hear your heartbeat. I’ve heard it all my whole life, and now I only hear it when you hold me very close.”

“Oh baby,” replied the Mommy, “You are my heartbeat. You’re my whole world. I love you so very much.”

“And Mommy,” the newborn wondered, “I used to eat all the time. Now I get hungry in my tummy, and it makes me so very upset.”

“I know sweet darling,” Mommy said sympathetically. “This new life is full of so many changes, but I’ll be right here to help you learn and navigate every new change or challenge.”

“Oh, Mommy,” added the newborn, “I used to always be warm, and it was dark and cozy in your tummy. I miss it.”

“I know little friend,” Mommy said with a smile, “but I’ll hold you in my arms and keep you warm and safe just the same. Don’t ever fear; I’ll always be near. And even when you’re not in my arms, you’re never ever alone.”

“But Mommy,” insisted the infant, “I don’t ever want to be anywhere without you.”

“Just for now little birdie,” Mommy answered. “I will guide you and keep you safe, and as you grow you will learn to spread your own little wings. Change is always hard, but you will learn to change and grow too.”

“Hold me now Mommy,” the tiny newborn asked. “I’m not ready to change just yet.”

“Me either my sweet child,” said Mommy, wrapping her tiny baby in a blanket and holding her snuggled close against her heart. “Little by little, in tiny baby steps, you will begin exploring this big new world on your own. And someday, when you’re ready to set out on your own, I bet you’ll have a little baby too, and you’ll always be there for your darling.”

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