We are diamonds.

I remember the moment, 9 years ago, that my dad-in-law looked at my wedding ring diamond under a microscope. He said, “I’d know your diamond anywhere. It has a really unique imperfection.”

I think people are like diamonds.

We can’t expect or demand perfection from other people. It’s our differences – our flaws, if you will – that make us unique. We have to see and acknowledge people’s imperfections. And while we do need to understand the consequences of those flaws, we also have to accept people for what they are; imperfect, rare, nonuniform, beautiful.

You and I don’t agree. We don’t. There’s bound to be some issue we will clash on.

You and I are flawed. We just are. It’s ingrained our very nature.

But that doesn’t mean that you and I aren’t valuable.

That doesn’t mean that you and I aren’t beautiful.

We are diamonds.

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