And so, it begins …

After over two years of musical silence, we are finally gearing up to finish production on my next album.

Part of the reason for the wait is, of course, that I had Elowyn and Leianor, and having a baby is pretty much the greatest and most demanding creative endeavor any human can aspire to accomplish.

The other reason though, is that these are some of my very best and most heartfelt of my songs. Lyrically, musically, performance-wise … this album is a huge milestone for me as an artist.

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I am so excited to pick up this musical journey where we left off. A few of these songs were written as long as six years ago, but after so much development – listening, practicing, rewriting, arranging, and rearranging – they still give me chills, and that is not something I can say about many things.

To be so emotionally moved by something that you yourself made, that you’ve experienced a thousand times, and that you know by heart … this is something special.  I cannot wait to share it with you!



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