To The Lady Who Left Me Her Tea Cups

I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but I have your tea cups. I know that you loved collecting things, and that your china dishes and teapots were something you treasured. When you passed away, your son put them up for sale, and that’s how I discovered them. I didn’t get everything, just the set of Royal Crown Japanese bird cups, but they’re all together, beautiful and safe.

I met his best friend at a sandwich shop. Your son had lovingly packaged them in a box lined with plenty of tissue paper to protect them. Now they’re displayed in an antique cabinet in my kitchen, and every time I look at them, I think of you – a women who’s name I don’t even know.

I hope you had a happy life, and that you are now enjoying a much better place where there is no sorrow or pain. I hope it makes you smile to know that there’s a very little girl who loves your “birdie cups,” and considers it the highest honor when her wildflower bouquets are displayed in them.

I hope you’re enjoying collecting things in Heaven, that you still have an eye for seeing the beauty in the little things, and that you have access to an unlimited supply of the best tea there is. Or was coffee more your cup of tea? (Pun intended)

I know that Heaven is far too wonderful for you to miss any of your old things, but I hope somehow you’re able to know that your earthly treasures are being treasured still. Their loveliness is bringing joy to me and my family, just as it once brought joy to you.

There’s something rather remarkable about that, don’t you think? A little piece of your story has been allowed to bleed color into mine, even though we never met. Perhaps someday we will, and when we do, we can have tea together.

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