Motherhood: A Corn Pop Parable

Frequently, as parents, we learn from our children. You’d think it would be the other way around, and it often is, but as Mommies and Daddies we do a lot of learning, relearning, and self-discovery with and through our kids.

Today, my 2-year-old gave my 8-month-old a bag of Corn Pops cereal, and she promptly spread it all around her on the floor. So there she was, cute as a button, clumsily stuffing handfuls into her mouth, drooling all over herself, and gurgling with glee.

Being the progressive mother that I am, my first instinct upon seeing the mess was not to snatch up the child and sweep the floor, but rather, to take photos.

As my little princess turned to crawl away, she became suddenly aware that Corn Pops were stuck all over her legs, feet, and diaper. She seemed mildly concerned about this, but didn’t let it slow her down. She was quite content to crawl all over the house like a giant mobile Rice Krispie treat.

I gingerly pick the squirming little mess up, and as I’m dusting the cereal off her thighs, it occurs to me that as human beings, we often roll around in our own messes and carry the vestiges of them with us for the rest of our lives. Whatever you prefer to call it; baggage, a bee in the bonnet, a monkey on the back, skeletons in the closet, Corn Pops on your posterior … we all have issues to one degree or another that tie back to our past mistakes and the past mistakes of others.

Somehow, we need to let our baggage go, roll our stumbling blocks out of the way, dust the cereal off our bums, and live our lives free of that nagging pain and fear that weighs us down and holds us back.

How do we do that?

I’m honestly not certain.

But I find that holding a baby usually helps.

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  1. WOW Jennifer ~ you have a marvelous knack for writing nice prose, AND for producing beautiful baby girls. (not to mention the music talent in you!) Congrats! Go corn popping around and about tweeting the weekend !

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