Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Texas Chicks Like Me

OK, so some of these ideas are more feasible than others, but here ya go! Tell me this isn’t the most brilliant wish list EVER!

A Pink Gun.

This Wine Holder. And Wine. Obviously.

A Nap.

A Maid. Is it Me or Does She Kinda Look Like a Super Hero?

This Patio.

A Kitty from a Local Animal Rescue Shelter. (Photo via MCAS)

This Bed Suspended From Trees in an Enchanted Forest.

A Stay at Messina Hof Winery‘s B&B.

Chocolate. Duh.

Orchids. They’re Like The New Roses. Get ‘Em In A Pot.

A Camera & Photography Classes.

A Shopping Spree for a New Wardrobe. (Pic via Modcloth)

A Manicure & Pedicure.

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