New Facebook Group for More Interaction & Better Updates!

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook no longer notifies you, even when your favorite Pages post new statuses. While Facebook does allow Page owners to pay money to “Boost” their posts, I quite frankly can’t afford $40+ per post!

So, I’ve decided to start a Group:

A Group is more interactive than a Page, and you can (if you choose) get notified whenever there’s a new post. I’ve set the Group up so that only I can post, so no need to worry about getting bombarded by notifications from other Group Members. I’ll still be updating my Page with occasional posts, but … like I said … there’s no way to guarantee you’ll ever see those.

The Group will keep you abreast of my latest music and creative writing projects! Feel free to add friends to the group, and message me if you’d like to communicate privately or have any questions. Now … GO JOIN THE GROUP!

Thanks 🙂


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