The Writer’s Block Weekday Hack: How To Schedule Blog Topics & Get Inspired Again!

A Girl Writing, by Henriette Browne (1829–1901)

There are lots of very good writers out there, but even for the GREAT writers, getting ideas for what to write about is often the greatest hurdle. Well I’m going to try a little experiment. I’m going to assign a general topic that I often write about anyway, or that I feel knowledgeable enough to write about, to each day of the week.

Here are my topics:

Monday – Music Monday*
On Monday I’ll write about my own music, or the music of another recording artist I admire. I may also write about songwriting, from compositional structure to lyrics.

Tuesday – How-To Tuesday
On Tuesday I’ll write how-to blogs around topics I’m interested in or specialize in such as social media, public relations, marketing, or random life-hacks I find on Pintrest that aid me in my calling as a work-at-home-mom. That’s what you’re reading right now!

Wednesday – Writing Wednesday*
On Wednesday I’ll write a poem, a short story, or publish some song lyrics I recently wrote. Maybe I’ll review a book I’ve recently read, or interview an independent author I admire!

Thursday – Thoughtful Thursday
We all get into philosophical funks, don’t we? Well I do. Every so often I’m inspired to write about a cultural issue, thought provoking idea, or just compose something corny and sweet that will probably embarrass me this time next year.

Friday – Family Friday
Not only is this usually a date night for the hubby and I, but writing about family matters, from pregnancy to recipes, will be a relaxing way to start my weekend … and my reader’s!

I think I’ll leave Saturday and Sunday open as Wild-Card Weekends. Maybe I’ll blog. Maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll go totally crazy and write and schedule all my blogs for the upcoming week. Who knows?

*These days are priority days. Music and Writing are my BIG THING, so even if I only blog twice in one week, I’ll do my best to make it happen on those days, or about those topics.

Keep in mind, I don’t want this schedule to limit me in any way. I’ll still write whenever I get inspired about whatever I feel inspired to write about. This is just a template to get things going when my mental gears are stuck in park. I could also write ahead of schedule. For example, I could write about writing on Monday, but schedule it to post on Wednesday, so that my readers can anticipate specific topics on specific days.

One more thing: If you decide to try this experiment with me, remember that your topics don’t have to begin with the same letter of the day of the week. I’m just weird. And maybe a little OCD.

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