Loreena McKennitt Releases New ‘Best Of’ Album: The Journey So Far

One of my favorite artists of all time, Loreena McKennitt, has released a “best of” double album. Honestly, picking which songs to include must have been a difficult task, because absolutely all of her works are masterpieces. Most of my very favorites are on here, including The Bonny Swans, The Lady of Shalott, Mummers Dance, and All Souls Night.

A good number of the songs are live versions, which in Loreena’s case is a good thing, because the concert hall is where she truly shines the brightest. Don’t get me wrong – her studio recordings are fabulous – but something happens when she’s on stage that no studio can capture. I got to see her perform at Jones Hall once and was without a doubt the very best, most beautiful, and most inspiring live performance I’ve ever attended. I cannot wait until she tours again!

One song I’m sad to see not included on The Journey So Far is The Highwayman. Based on Alfred Noyes’ romantic and tragic poem, I’ve always found that song absolutely addictive, and one of Loreena’s Top 5 in my opinion. Still, The Journey So Far is a ‘best of’ album chock full of musical brilliance, and every track on it is exquisite, so I shouldn’t complain! Instead, I’ll just encourage you to buy it, and also get The Book of Secrets which includes The Highwayman among other marvelous pieces.

Loreena McKennitt’s Official Website

Jason and I with Loreena McKennitt following her performance at Jones Hall in Houston.


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