New Album Review: Orisonata Reviewed by Hollywood Metal

“To enjoy this record one might have to close their eyes and imagine a world where jazz, eastern influences, gothic undertones, and progressive metal can come together in harmony.

Orisonata is the work of Jason Greenberg and his wife, vocalist Jennifer Grassman. Together the two stroll hand in hand down an avenue paved by albums of Nightwish, Kamelot, and Evanescence. In fact, the sound of Orisonata encompasses the aspirations of every gothic metal musician, who dreams of a world where female vocals soar over classical inspired guitar melodies. While I am taking some time to playfully jab at the album, and its album cover, the music contained within Orisonata is remarkably capable and entertaining enough to surpass stereotypes.

One noticeable difference between Orisonata and other gothic progressive acts is the time length of their songs. Though the realm of 7 to 8 minutes is not unheard of, Orisonata takes its time to establish themselves, which makes each track better in its excess …”


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