The BIG [logical] BANG: Don’t Panic! Evolution Proves That God Exists

Many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ react strongly against evolution and modern science. This is partly because atheists often try to claim that evolution is proof that God did not create the world. This, however, is utter nonsense. Here’s why:

If God created the world, then science is merely the study of God’s creation. If evolution occurs then God made it and it is good, and – even Darwin agreed – there is nothing about the theory of evolution that poses a threat to the existence of God. God cannot, as Douglas Adams put it, “disappear in a puff of logic.”  In fact, if science is well researched and accurate, it must and can only prove the existence of God – not the other way around – just as a painting proves the existence of a painter, or a skyscraper proves the existence of an architect.

The fact that our world came together out of a series of millions of very unlikely events, as opposed to spiraling into entropy with the rest of the known lifeless universe, is a very curious fact. Evolution is order out of chaos. Any good housewife or gardener knows that organization and tidiness never ever comes out of chaos without a lot of hard work and patience. Instead, chaos begets chaos. Evolution, therefor, effectively proves that there is a God, because without a good gardener, housewife, architect, or painter, everything spirals toward chaos; nothing ever randomly organizes itself.

As much as some Christians fear evolution, and as much as some atheists would love to believe that evolution proves that there is no God (somehow imagining that a “big bang” explosion, or a puddle of primordial slime ever did anything in an orderly or well-thought-out fashion), evolution is actually one of the greatest clues scientists have ever discovered that there is in fact a Creator and maintainer over us all.

Have you ever seen a well ordered garden with trimmed hedges and weeded flower beds organize sporadically in the jungle? Have you ever seen a pristine home full of wild children without anyone maintaining it? Have you ever seen blobs of paint crawl across a canvass to create a gorgeous work of art while no one was around?

Good. Neither have scientists. 

Everything in nature is entropic; it deteriorates, and trends toward disorder and disintegration. Therefore, logically, if evolution exists (whether it was a technique used to create the world, and/or a current means of sustaining it), it proves that God is more creative, intelligent, detail oriented, and powerful, than any of us humans had ever dreamed possible, or can even comprehend.

“A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain


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