A Day in the Life of a Working Mom


Tasks Completed:

  • Made French Toast for Breakfast
  • Got Tiny E Dressed
  • Read 5 Books to Tiny E
  • Wrote & Edited 5 Pages of Website Content
  • Played Pat-A-Cake
  • Made Cheese Omelet for Lunch
  • Gave Tiny E a Bath to Remove Cheese Omelet from Hair
  • Swept & Mopped Kitchen Floor (but it’s still sticky. Highly recommend shoes)
  • Watched an Episode of Psych with Tiny E
  • Realized I’d Totally Dreamed Up Writing a Press Release

Still Need To Do:

  1. Write Press Release
  2. Write Content for 2 Email Newsletters
  3. Locate Tiny E’s Hideous Stash of Old Pear Slices & Discard
  4. Do Laundry
  5. Clean Cat Litter
  6. Take Out Trash
  7. Straighten Bedroom
  8. Clean Kitchen
  9. If Possible, Change out of PJs before Jason Gets Home

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