Creative Seasons: Songwriting, Parenting, and Things-I-Never-Thought-I’d-Say

I used to write a song or more a week, but since I had Baby E, I’ve only written one or two over the course of a year. Of course, I’m in the studio working on producing an album too, so it’s not really “writing season,” it’s more a “production season” (I go through different seasons of creativity), so that could also explain the dry spell.

These things aside, I still seem to have a natural proclivity towards songwriting in me, because today, while I was changing Baby E’s diaper, I busted out a tune:

“I’m coating your butt with yellow paste,
It’s like frosting a butt-shaped cake.”

Granted my lyrical subject matter is highly questionable. Parenting really changes a person. You say things you just never thought you need or be inspired to say. And of course – as I’m sure every parent reading this knows – if you don’t sing or at least chatter theatrically while changing Baby’s diaper, you run a much higher risk of the kid making a run for it mid-cleaning.

One Reply to “Creative Seasons: Songwriting, Parenting, and Things-I-Never-Thought-I’d-Say”

  1. Your “song” is the Baby E song…may appear unwritten, but it’s not!


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