The Garage Intruder: A Shocking Story

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled programming (i.e., my series on forgiveness) to bring you this really fascinating interlude.
The most shocking thing happened last night.
We were getting ready for bed, and as I walked through the living room, I heard one of our cats scratching from behind the door to our garage. So I thought, “Oh no! Mr. Bingley somehow got shut out in the garage! He must have been locked out there for hours! Poor Bingley!”
I opened the door, saying, “I’m so sorry Bingley …” and then with a sudden start yelled, “OH MY GOSH!!!”
Because instead of a cat, a very large and very fat beagle came waddling into my living room. I’d never seen it before and I was bewildered as so how this strange, bumbling canine came to be in our house.
Shadowfax (our white tom cat) immediate set about hissing and yowling at the intruder in a most inhospitable manner.
Thankfully, our home invader had tags on, and turned out to be our neighbor’s pet, who went by the name of Sadie, and who had gone missing earlier that day. I guess she’d hid in the garage while Jason was doing yard work earlier in the afternoon.
But oh my … I can’t even tell you how shocking it was to be expecting an afronted little cat to come in, and have a big, happy dog barge in instead.

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