April is National Poetry Month: Think Not On The Earth Below

In honor of National Poetry Month, here’s a piece I wrote …


As the rain falls down forever,
Through the leaves that lilt and shiver,
I’m reminded of a River
Where all tears are said to flow.

From the skies that ebb to twilight,
From the clouds that blend black and light,
From the mist that hinders our sight
Tears fall down to Earth below.

Could these be the tears of angels,
Who, discarding harps and bangles
Look on pain and earthly tangles
And lament our mortal woes?

On the day your spirit left us,
Cruelly, loss of you bereft us,
Now your sad parting has cleft us;
Wells of sorrow overflow.

Crossing o’re the River Jordan
Do you hear the lute and organ
Singing, “Soul! Cast off your burden!”
As your reach the shores that glow?

Can it be that you, so young,
Now have heard the hymns as sung
Up in Heaven by angel tongue,
And no more see Earth below?

I, for one, pray that it’s so,
That in God’s presence you know
Peace, where ne’er a storm does blow;
Peace, where there’s no pain or woe.

Now, down here, the Earth grows colder;
All our mortal plans, they molder,
Dear, don’t look over your shoulder;
Look ahead to where you go.

In a land of pearl-rimmed towers,
Grace, your weary head embowers,
Peace blossoms like April flowers;
Think not on the Earth below.

Joy and peace be with you now,
And may God, His love endow,
May you reach forever, now;
Think not on the Earth below.

Think not on the Earth below.

Copyright 2013 © Jennifer Grassman

Please let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks & Love,


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