Todd Oxford (Saxophone, The Haunting) = Awesome, and My Website is Broken

Firstly, my website is down.  Apparently the domain name expired, and for some reason the host failed to notify me.  Thankfully, someone notified me almost immediately when it went down and I was able to remedy the situation.  We should be up and running again today!

Secondly, Todd Oxford is awesome.  Remember the amazing saxophone solos in The Haunting?  Well, Todd Oxford, classical saxophonist, composed and performed those.  Todd returned to the studio with us this past weekend to record solos for Jason and my progressive metal project, Orisonata!

Watch a behind-the-scenes video HERE.

Have a great day!


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  1. Wow! first of all I’ll say Jennifer I hope your site is back up and running and I know how that can be as if happened to me as well, what a feeling of panic that came over me just thinking that someone had already purchased my domain or that I would loose the work that I had put into my site, secondly a congratulations on your new project and I’m looking forward to hearing your wonderful music!
    In music, Habaka

    1. Oh I know, right?!?! Thankfully my website is back up and running (we noticed it was down just hours after it happened) but yes … my heart definitely did a somersault (o: Thanks so much for the comment! Good to hear from you!!!

      1. Thank you Jennifer, and I hope you didn’t mind me mentioning you in one of my blogs for National Poetry Month! I did add a link to you as well. Good hearing from you as well!!!

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