In Loving Memory of Jordyn Ashley Newman, “Pretty Girls” Actress

Jordyn Ashley Newman

Jordyn Ashley Newman

I met Jordyn Ashley Newman on the set of the Pretty Girls music video. She was one of the most vivacious, positive, encouraging, and radiant people I have ever met. Although stunningly beautiful, Jordyn was far from vain. In fact, it seemed she took joy in building others up and empowering them to be everything they dreamed of being.

Jordyn had a very rare ability to accept and appreciate everyone that she met, no matter what their background or differences. She was youthful, in that she did not have the social boundaries so many of us build around our hearts as we “grow up.” She literally never met a stranger. She was kind and generous in her love and enthusiasm.

She was also very artistic, and she loved fashion, vintage design, and music. Though a model, Jordyn’s real beauty could not be captured in a photo. She radiated joy, life, and energy. There was just something invigorating about her spirit that made everyone around her feel happy and confident too. She was a joy to know, and one of my greatest regrets will always be that I did not stay in touch with her better.

Jordyn passed away on Thursday, March 28, in her home in Dallas, Texas. She was a brave soul who faced daunting challenges that people twice her age would have buckled under. May God grant her peace, joy, and safety in his everlasting arms. My prayer for Jordyn is that before she passed, she felt God’s comfort and love surrounding her.

“Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” ~ A description of Heaven, from Revelation 21:3-4

We will miss you, Jordyn.

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  1. The Lord always makes the world — to be a wilderness to His people. They cannot feel at home in it — nor will it yield them suitable or sufficient supplies. In the wilderness — they learn His ways. They learn . . . to trust in Him, to look to Him, and to expect everything from Him. In the wilderness — He becomes everything to them! He conducts them by light, heat, and shade. By the light of his word, by the warmth of his love, and by the shade of his providence. In the wilderness — He prepares them for ‘Canaan’.” ~ Jordyn has reached Canaan’s shore, safe and secure in her Savior’s arms.

  2. I am her father, Jennifer she was everything your memory recalled above. I happened upon your site by searching Jordyn’s name. We will miss her so much. She had so many friends and acquantances her Mother and I did not know. Thanks for such a wonderful tribute!
    Brant Newman

      1. Very, very difficult for us as this was not Jordyn’s only option, we just didn’t know the pain she was feeling until it was obviously too late, Thanks for your prayers, her mother and I just want to get the word out… maybe this can save someone else! Brant.

  3. A beautiful tribute for a beauty. Such a shame she made the choice to leave this world and all of her friends and family behind. I know they all wanted her presence for a much longer lifetime. Thankfully, everyone shall be reunited in the future.

  4. Jordyn was such a blessing to my family, and this world. Her infectious smile. Her joyful laugh. Her creative spirit. And, her caring for others. She was a true blessing to this world, and a sweet angel. For many years, she was an extension of our family, and a regular at our house. She and I would have lunch just to catch up after she & my son went to separate schools. She made an amazing birthday photo journal for my son Chase, which we have today as our prized possession. She was always thinking of others before herself. She always wanted to help others. Always. I cried for a full week when I heard of her passing. I kept having dreams about her, as did my son. I guess that we were all really connected. I kept thinking of her yesterday, and googled her obituary to see what her date of passing was, and realized it was today. I cried for hours. I so miss that young lady! She made an impact on my family, and was one of the best friends for my son Chase. My heart goes out to Blaise and her parents. She so loved Blaise and spoke of him often during our luncheons. My thoughts and prayers to your family on this day. Christy Means & Family

  5. Christy, I do remember meeting you and your husband, and of course I remember your Son Chase as well. I’m not certain what date you were referring to but Jordyn decided to end her life the evening of 3/28/13, her body was found in her apartment in Dallas the evening of 3/31/13 by a neighbor across the hall. We were awakened by our son around midnight that night with the news. Our lives have never been the same, if you want to talk, you can reach me @ 214-673-8799. Thanks again for your kind words, as not a day goes by that I don’t think of my daughter 🙁 Brant

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