Jennifer Grassman to Release Gothic Album Inspired By Twilight Saga & The Walking Dead

Jennifer Grassman

While negotiations were kept strictly under wraps, Jennifer Grassman is proud to announce her April 1, 2013, signing with Vampirial Records, a metal label out of Seattle, Washington. She is signed to release five albums over the course of the next three years, a feat which Grassman says she will only be able accomplish with inspiration from truly great literary sources.

“The recent vampire craze has really resulted in some books that I feel will be classics in another fifty years, right up there with A Tale Of Two Cities and Sense & Sensibility,” said Grassman. “I’m excited to see some great books come out of the zombie movement too. I feel like pop culture is finally reaching a climax, like, a Second Renaissance. Except, this time around we’re obsessed with sex and death instead of beauty and life, which I personally think is cooler.”

Grassman’s first album with Vampirial Records will be titled, Necrophunk. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Love That Sparkles (Like A Vampire)
  2. Drink Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me, Bite Me
  3. Live Like We’re Dead
  4. The Edge of Gory
  5. Walkers In Paris
  6. Raining Blood
  7. I Kissed A Bat (And I Liked It)
  8. Stalk This Way
  9. Dead Romance
  10. Hate That I Crave You
  11. Every Blood-drop Is A Waterfall
  12. One Less Lonely Girl
  13. Oops! I Bit You Again

Necrophunk is set to release on October 31, 2013, and will feature guest vocals by Six Feet Under singer, Kanye South. The album will be supported by a tour launching in the US and wrapping up in Transylvania. Grassman also revealed that she will be trying her hand at penning a novel to go along with the album. “It’s going to be titled, ‘50 Shades of Necrosis,’ she said. “I was going to call it ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ but that title was already taken by some television show.”

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